Asthma: Causes and Treatments


What is Asthma ?

Asthma is a disease that affects the airways, which carries the air to and from the lungs; therefore it affects the breathing of the person when asthma attacks. It is a chronic condition inflammation of the bronchial tubes which causes and swelling of the airways. People who are suffering from this condition are said to be asthmatic.

What are the Causes of Asthma?

According the recent estimates, asthma affects approximately 300 million people in the world; 22 million are in the United States. Asthma affects all ages and often starts during childhood. Once the symptoms become worst and are not given enough attention, it can cause death. Asthma kills people for over 255,000 people every year.

Children At Risk

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children. This goes especially to children who have low birth weight, ones that are exposed to tobacco smoke and children which are raised in a low income environment. Most usually, the symptoms of asthma are visible at the age of 5. Children who are allergic also have a higher risk of Asthma.


Almost all patients that suffer from Asthma have allergies especially those who have allergic rhinitis. Allergic reactions to people are triggered by antibodies in the blood often lead the airways to become inflame. The common sources of allergens include animal proteins, dust mites, cockroaches and fungi.

Tobacco Smoke

According to research, the smoke from tobacco has been linked to increase the risk of asthma. This goes to children of whom either of their parents smoke; and for people who are exposed to second hand smoke (working environment).

Environmental Factors

Allergic reactions and asthma are often the result of indoor air pollution. Nitrogen Oxide from gas stoves are other environmental factors associated with asthma. People who are using gas for cooking have a higher risk to have asthma symptoms such as wheezing, breathlessness asthma attacks and hay fever.

Weather changes are also known to stimulate asthma attacks due to the change of pollen contents in the wind, which triggers allergies. Cold air can also lead to airway congestion and decreased mucociliary clearance.


People who undergo stress have a higher asthma rate. Recent research suggested that because immune system is modified by stress, this becomes the reason why people under stress have a higher risk of an asthma attack.


Of all illnesses, the first thing step in order to treat is to know that things that causes the disease in the first place. No matter how effective the medication you are taking, if you are not doing anything to avoid the things that trigger your Asthma; attacks will always outbreaks. The first thing that you need to do is to avoid the things that trigger the attack such as tobacco smoke, foods that you are allergic to and various environmental factors.

The second thing that you need to do is consult your doctor so that he can give you medications to lessen asthma symptoms and attacks. Medications can either be natural or prescription drugs. Doctors usually prescribe chemically synthesized drugs. But some homeopathic therapists believe that the use of natural medicines can be a very good alternative since it does not contain any harmful ingredients in the body. One of the known natural formula to lessen asthma symptoms is Respitrol. As far the Respitrol reviews are concerned from various people, this formula are both effective and safe for use in both children and adults.