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Synaptol Reviews

Synaptol ReviewsThe following Synaptol reviews will look into the treatment of ADD and ADHD both on kids and adults and see if it works as claimed by the manufacturer. As well as the efficacy of the product, we look into the customer feedback, the pros and cons and safety and side effects.

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The company behind the success of Synaptol is HelloLife™. For more information, below is the company’s fact sheet.

Applied Life Science and Technology
4460 – 44th St. SW
Ste. C 600, Grand Rapids,
MI, 49512

HelloLife™ Center
M-F 9am-7pm EST | Sat 9:30am-4pm EST

What are ADD and ADHD?

If you are having difficulty in concentrating, listening, writing, reading impulsive, having organizational problems, inattentive, forgetful, have trouble following directions, hyperactive and being restless; then there’s only one thing that you can be sure of: you have ADD or ADHD perhaps.

The truth is that, ADD or ADHD is most commonly known to be a psychiatric disorder most commonly found in children. This affects 3%-5% of the total population of children globally and affects more the male children than girls. Children are not the only ones victimized by ADD and ADHD but adults as well. That’s why to compensate for this kind of impairment, researchers and medical personnels are now looking through and through a new way of treating and curing it and that’s how you will find this Synaptol reviews helpful to you.

How does Synaptol work?

Synaptol is a natural Medicine from HelloLife™ that features active homeopathic ingredients which is a safe and natural medicinal therapy that gives your body relief from naturally occurring substances in the body and oligotherapeutic as well that uses organic trace minerals to supplement the body with 300 essential function nutrients and minerals boosting up metabolism for the body to maintain its balance.

What’s with Synaptol?

Synaptol contains the following active ingredients:

  • Official US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Aconitum Ferox
  • Adrenalinum
  • Apis Mellifica
  • Argentum Nitricum
  • Avena Sativa
  • Aptisia Tinctoria
  • Cochlearia Armoracia
  • Medorrhinum
  • Phosphorus
  • Cutellaria Laterifolia
  • Sumbulus Moschatus
  • Viola Odorata

It also includes other ingredients like:

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum
  • Litsea Cubeba
  • Madia Elegans
  • Mentha Piperita
  • Myosotis Sylvatica
  • Ranunculus Occidentalis
  • Scleranthus Annuus

Note: technical terms can further be understood on Synaptol’s official site.

Does Synaptol work?

Of course it does! Clinical research and studies have shown that taking Synaptol on a regular basis will eventually free you from ADD and ADHD. Synaptol works immediately with proper medication and healthy lifestyle habit upon taking it so you can have the result that you’d like. Aside from this, you are sure that this product is FDA approved and is deemed effective and safe for all to use.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

“I’ve taken this for 2 months now and it works great for me. I’m 25 years old and I have ADD. I’m able to retain more information that I read and it makes me more concentrated. It says to continue taking for 6 months for optimum results. I intend to continue using it. I’m pleased with the results so far.” – Clinton David Roberts

“My daughter’s teacher has seen improvement too. Synaptol has been a MIRACLE treatment for my daughter. Her grades went from Ds and Fs to As and Bs. Her teacher is amazed with her turnaround and said she is a joy in class.” – Jennifer

How is Synaptol used?

Synaptol is a liquid medicine so you need to take it orally for yourself or your child. The dosage would be best to take according to your doctor’s advice or as per instructed to the age bracket where the patient belongs.

Safety and side effects

Synaptol is 100% pure and natural so you don’t need to worry about harmful side effects for you or your child upon taking it. Still seeking medical advice is a must to ensure the good and bad sides that this medicine might do to you.


Synaptol quickly relieves ADD and ADHD symptoms upon application and use.
It balances energy levels in the body thus giving you optimum health development.
It provides fast and effective natural ADD and ADHD symptom relief both for adults and children without the problems of risky after results.


Since Synaptol is purely natural, there is not much to be concerned about but the following conditions

To be sure, consult first your doctor before moving forward with any medications.

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If you want a remedy that is just as natural and can treat you just as effective better than any other products from ADD and ADHD, Synaptol is a recommended product that you can try.


A bottle of Synaptol can be purchased for $29.95. More prices are still available at the official Synaptol reviews websites. Prices are dependable on the packages that you want to buy. A 60 day money back guarantee ensures you a 100% refund of your money if ever you are dissatisfied with the product.

Synaptol Reviews


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